Gaia No Podcast
There are lots of ways to see me (Zeck) and Gaia No Podcast online! Take a look below!

Ways to See Gaia No Podcast


Gaia No Podcast has it's own Twitter page! You may have seen the feed on the Home Page, but the direct link to it is here:


I'm going to make a Facebook fan page or group for Gaia No Podcast at some time, watch this space!

Ways to See Zeck


Here's a link to my Facebook page -


My email address is ... please don't spam me.. or send chain mail? if i get chain mail i will kill someone.


I'm on Playstation Network on PS3 from time to time! My name on it is Neilp27

Xbox 360

I am also on Xbox Live sometimes, My name on that is also Neilp27 (damn i'm original!).


I have all the consoles, don't judge me for being rich because i'm not.. If you want to play Wii online with me, contact me some other way and tell me; i don't know my contact details on Wii..