Gaia No Podcast
Just a quick update to let you guys listen to the next 2 parts of "ASS", "Sectioned off from the world" and "Sanctum". And, the full version of "ASS" can also be listened to below. Feedback appreciated as always!

Sectioned off from the world (Part 2 of ASS)

Sanctum (Part 3 of ASS)

ASS in it's entirety:

As i don't want to reveal too much of the secret project for a while, that will be it for the songs for now.
If you make your way over to the Episodes Page, ( then you'll see it has had a bit of a makeover! I redesigned it in the style of this blog, so that you can comment on it directly instead of through GNR's forums. Also, there is a new page ( that will allow you to send in song requests, segment ideas, ask to be interviewed for 5's and 5's or send in your interesting facts. (FYI The Interesting Facts Send in Guidelines are Here: That's it for the serious stuff for now.

In other updates, I have made a new song. You may be thinking "Why all the songs Zeck?".. Well, they're all working towards something special.

The new song is titled "Aerodynamics (Part 1 of ASS)" and the next 2 parts of ASS will be released in the next few weeks. As always, feedback is appreciated!
So, i made a new song. This one is entitled "Monosynth Mania" and i did try and improve from the last one. Hope you guys enjoy it and once again, feedback is appreciated!
So i was messing around in Wavepad sound editor with some files and came up with this, which will play a part in the next Podcast. It's a drum and bass track named "Impending Acid Death" after the sound effect used at the start and the finish. Feedback appreciated!