Gaia No Podcast
So i was messing around in Wavepad sound editor with some files and came up with this, which will play a part in the next Podcast. It's a drum and bass track named "Impending Acid Death" after the sound effect used at the start and the finish. Feedback appreciated!
I decided to make the Blog page the Homepage, just because the old homepage was a little boring...

Also, i'm bored at College and this seemed fun.

GNP episode 2 is coming to a pair of ears near you soon!
So i decided to start a Blog on this site, just to keep you guys on what's happening with Gaia No Podcast.

So far, the second episode is under construction. I've already picked some songs for it and just need a guest from people i know to come on and talk with me.

Though, we may do some requests on it; so if you want a song to be played, reply to this!