Gaia No Podcast

Episode 2 Transcript

Hello and welcome to Gaia No Podcast Episode 2. We've got a great show lined up today, with some music, some news, and a very special guest. It's all coming up after this.
[Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get it Started]

Ok, let's move swiftly on to Gaia No Ronin News. Not much news today, the same as last time, so yeh..
Our first bit of news is, as i'm sure you all know, that the guild's ranks has undergone a big change. I for one think it's great and Hito is awesome for taking the time to do it all.

Our second bit of news involves the Icecrown Citadel Progression Team. According to my reliable source, our team has done the bosses up to and including Festergut. Let's hope in time they'll be spanking Arthas with his own sword.

That does it for this episode's News. Now we'll move onto 5's and 5's.

5'S AND 5'S
My guest for this episode's 5's and 5's is a little different. He is not a member of the guild, but he is a very good friend of mine; and i'm sure a very good friend of yours.. Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger! Hello, Arnold.

Arnold: Good Morning. This is me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Zeck: Can i call you Arnie?

Arnold: Negative.

Zeck: Ok, Arnie. As you know, i'm going to ask you 5 WoW questions and 5 random questions.

Arnie: Excellent.

Zeck: Ok let's get started with my first question. Do you play world of warcraft?

Arnie: Yeeess...

Zeck: Ok awesome! what class do you play?

Arnie: Ha ha ha ha! I Lied.

Zeck: Ok.. so you don't play?

Arnie: No, it is not true.

Zeck: alright, so should i just move on to the random questions?

Arnie: I have a headache.

Zeck: Um, ok.. Do you like cookies?

Arnie: Cookies? Yummy.

Zeck: I'll take that as a yes.

Arnie: Who told you you could touch my cookie?!

Zeck: Uh, what?


Zeck: What are you talking about?

Arnie: I took a bullet for you.

Zeck: Ok i think we'll end the interview now.. Goodbye, Arnie.

Arnie: Goodbye.


Well that was, odd.. Let's all forget that ever happened and move on to GNR Trax.

Today's G, N and R tracks, are tracks where the artists begin with each of the three letters. So, sit back and enjoy GNR Trax.

[Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc]
[Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit]
[Razorlight - America]

Hope you all enjoyed those, now to move on to Interesting Facts!

I haven't had any new interesting facts sent in from guild members recently, so i've decided just to read out Interesting Facts about anything. I've got 5 for you, so here goes!
Number 1 is The Eiffel Tower shrinks 3 inches in winter.
Number 2 is It is easier to say World Wide Web than WWW - as it has less syllables
Number 3 is Panda fur when woven into a fabric is bulletproof.
Number 4 is in the 1800s tomato ketchup was used as medicine.
and finally, Number 5 is Chuck Norris created the giraffe when he upper-cutted a horse.
Hope your brains have all been slightly expanded by that..

Now to our final segment, entitled "Zeck's A to Z of his iTunes.". I couldn't really think of a catchier name for it.. Anyway, basically today and over the next 25 episodes, the show will end with a song i have picked from my iTunes that will of course begin with each letter of the alphabet. So, you won't hear me talk again for the rest of the show. Thanks for listening to Gaia No Podcast!

[Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower]