Gaia No Podcast

Episode 1 Transcript

Hello there and welcome to the first ever Gaia No Podcast! There's some great stuff lined up for the show, including some Guild News, some good music, and an interview with our guild master Hito. So, sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy Gaia No Podcast Episode 1!

[Pendulum - Blood Sugar]

Guild News Segment
Ok now that the epic Intro is over with, let me formally intoduce you to our guild's own little podcast.  I'm your host Zeck AKA Neil and this is the first of what i hope will be a long line of episodes of the Gaia No Podcast. And, hopefully, i'll have guests on the show instead of sitting recording this by myself.  So, let's move on to our first little segment which is: Guild News!

The first bit of news is the Guild Site, I don't know if every member has seen it, and i doubt a lot have, but it is pretty awesome. This podcast will probably be up there too so check it out! There are forums, A gallery that allows you to upload screenshots and view other people's, and there are some online polls. The web address is

In other news, there is a competition starting for changing the rank names in the Guild. Belial and Hito AKA Nash AKA Hitokiri are discussing it i think, and the competition should be running quite soon. Information is on the forums on the Guild Site.
I know that was short but that's it for today's news!

I said AKA a lot there. I always used to wonder what that meant.. And never asked anyone because it would have made me feel stupid. I know what it means now though, i'm not just using it to sound smart on a podcast! Speaking of strange words, ever noticed the word bed actually looks like a bed?

[Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales of San Francisco]

Uh sorry about that i used the version with the bad word in it.. And there may be children listening to this. I'm ashamed.

Segment - G.N.R TRAX
Now we move on to the main music segment of the podcast, even though we've had music already but still! This segment i like to call G.N.R Trax.. i don't really like to call it that i just couldn't think of a better name. Basically, G.N.R Trax is where i'll play 3 songs back to back, each with either the song title, the artist or the album name beginning with a G, an N and an R. For This episode, it will be the song titles that begin with GNR. So, enjoy the 9 minutes or so of G.N.R Trax!

[Them Crooked Vultures - Gunman]
[Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat]
[The Automatic - Recover]

Well, that was a bit longer than 9 was nearer 11! but still i hoped you enjoyed that music session as much as i did.

Segment - 5's and 5's
Ok onto the next podcast Segment, or "Seg" as all us cool kids call them... yeh.. and i'm not making the woman do the segment name, she annoys me now.
This Seg is called 5's and 5's where i interview someone from the guild with 5 serious WoW questions, and 5 random questions that i just really want to ask.
Since this is the first ever episode i thought i'd make it special by interviewing Hito. Here's the clip:

[Woman/text to speeech says 5's and 5's]

Damn she said it anyway... here's the clip for real this time.

Hitokiri Interview

Zeck: Ok, um.. Welcome to Gaia No Podcast, Hito!

Hito: Eh, good to be here. How are you?

Zeck: I'm fine, how are you?

Hito: I'm fine too.

Zeck: That's good. As you know, i'm going to ask you 5 serious questions and 5 pretty random questions.

Hito: Sure, fire away.

Zeck: Ok. What's your favourite thing about Gaia No Ronin?

Hito: I think it's going to sound cheesy, but all of you, all the members. I can spend up to early hours in the morning just sitting up and talking to you guys on skype and on vent and without you guys we can't do those funny events and all those, you know, those great raids. Um, you guys are a laugh when it comes to raiding and when we start doing bosses and stuff you can just sit down there and focus. None of it's possible without GNR's members.

Zeck: Awesome. Do you think we'll ever get to face the Lich King as a guild?

Hito: Yeh. There's no alternative to that question. A progression raid has been formed right now, and we know we're capable of doing this and we've just been doing some trials with random people in the guild and it's worked out well so far. We've got the first quarter down and now we've started a progression group, so.. fingers crossed, he shall be dealt with shortly. He's a very naughty boy.

Zeck: Hehe. Do you prefer Tanking, Healing or DPSing?

Hito: Oh, i'd have to say my first love is tanking, like you Zeck. Retribution.. it's relaxing sometimes. For arenas, i'm currently Holy and Protection, but i guess you remember that 'cause, well, we bumped into you once.

Zeck: Yeh, you kicked our asses!

Hito: Eh, that was just luck. Plus you were a tank then, that wasn't fair. I have an awesome 2v2 partner to match with anyway. Syriam, you listening?

Zeck: What's your favourite Raid?

Hito: I'd have to say ICC, just because we haven't finished it yet. All the others hold great memories. I still have a picture of all of us doing Naxx as bunny rabbits!

Zeck: What's your favourite Instance?

Hito: Ehhhhmm.. I have to say i switch off during instances just 'cause i can't really think about them. And yeh, you go through them all the time, over and over again. You just sort of.. y'know.

Zeck: Yeh, i know the feeling.

Hito: Yeh, I like doing instances where you just don't do anything. We did Violet Hold the other day and we had 4 DPS and a Tank.

Zeck: Sounds fun... Emm.. Do you like bananas?

Hito: I AM A BANANA!....What was that video called again?

Zeck: Ehh... I forget!

Hito: Yeh.. that was awesome. You're the queen of france, yeh!

Zeck: Yeh, oh it was Rejected! That's what it's called!

Hito: Sweet. Watch it!

Zeck: If you could be any other person for a day, who would you be and why?

Hito: That's a big, scary question. Off the top of my head, maybe John Malcovich? Because.. well.. watch the film "Being John Malcovich"!

Zeck: I haven't seen that film.

Hito: You should, it's good, explore your mind.

Zeck: What's your favourite band?

Hito: my favourite band... I don't know, depends on my mood really. Ummm... Foo Fighters?

Zeck: I like them.

Hito: Yeh.. Muse are good too. And Pink Floyd, and Tenacious D, and Korn, and it just goes on and on.

Zeck: If you wanted me to play you any song what would it be?

Hito: Maybe the greatest song in the world? Tenacious D wrote a song about it.

Zeck: You mean Tribute?

Hito: What's Tribute?

Zeck: uhh..

Hito: That's not the greatest song in the world!

Zeck: uhh.. are you glad the interview is now over?

Hito: Yeh, 'cause i'm craving a banana now. Thanks.

Zeck: Ok thanks Hito for the first ever interview for the podcast.

Hito: Well thank you. This has been rather strange and i'm not used to it usually.

Zeck: Ok.

End of Interview.

Well that was fun. Sorry about the sound quality, if it's too hard for you to hear; there are episode transcripts on the Gaia No Podcast site. And the transcripts also include the titles and artists of all the songs played!
 And to guide us swiftly out of 5's and 5's, i'll play Hito's song. He did request the greatest song in the world but i couldn't obtain that.. and then he sent me a message on the guild site requesting a different song.. and here it is.

[Pokemon Theme Song! :D]

Segment - Interesting Facts
Now onto our final segment for this episode - Interesting Facts! About a week ago i posted on the guild forums asking guildies to send in interesting facts about themselves that no one in the guild knew. Only two replied so the segment is gonna be short!

The first person to send me some interesting facts was Sindore. I'll read 2 of hers out. Her first fact is that she used to work as a model, and her other fact is that every summer she goes camping to the wild woods in the north of russia!

The other person who sent me in an interesting fact was Belial. He told me that he has two cats, one called Plamka which in english means spot, but it's a female version of the name. (by the way i hope i pronounce Plamka right..). The other cat is called Maly which means small. Spot was named spot because she has a spot inside her ear, and lots of times she left "spots" on the floor. AKA poos. Small was named small because he was so small as a kitten that he fit into the palm of Belial's hand! but now, he's very big for a cat of his age.

And so that finished Interesting facts!

And.. that finished the first episode of Gaia No Podcast! It's been a semi fun filled rollercoaster, and a big thanks to Hito, Sindore and Belial for their contributions. On the next episode, there will be someone else on the show apart from just me, and there will be a whole new segment. And since Pendulum brought us into the first ever Gaia No Podcast, it seems only appropriate that they take us out. Thanks for listening!

[Pendulum - Granite]